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SCANDAL’s HARUNA & TOMOMI; “General sales for the East-West Arena lives will start going on sale tomorrow. I hope you’ll come and have fun” - TOMOMI

Almond Crush Via Rina’s Twitter

Later, from 15:15 onwards, these four will go live on 81.3MHz J-WAVE「SATUDAY SONIC」’s carrozzeria J’S CONNECTION!
Track: Kakki's Worst Subject
Recent Read: Dramatic Maestro

Recent Read: Dramatic Maestro

Mao only had 3 girlfriends after he entered senior high school. All those girls were stolen by a popular guy called Natsuaki Yuu. One day, he caught his girlfriend with Natsu. Angry, he slapped the other guy before walking out. But that action only made Natsu more thrilled and interested in Mao?

I starting to believe that Recent Reads are the product of my procrastination.

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Recent Read: Kiraboshi Dial

Recent Read: Kiraboshi Dial

Toba is a the new doctor in the countryside. Everyone in this town is friendly except for one, the aloof guy called Suga. Toba’s supposed room in the clinic collapsed causing him to stay in Suga’s house in a while. The aloof guy suddenly pushes Toba on the floor and wants to do it??


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